Galaxy Note 9 launch and Apple’s mid-range phone delayed

Note 8

A month ago it seemed like Samsung was going to launch the Note 9, codenamed the Crown, ahead of time this year, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Samsung’s Vice Chairman, Lee Jae-Yong, has recently demanded the reduction of the display’s thickness by 0.5mm. That does raise one concern, will a thinner display be easier to crack? The reason this change was requested was that Lee Jae-Yong was touring the distribution centers of Oppo and Vivo, and preferred the feel of holding and using their thinner displays. This delay means that the Note 9 launch date will be pushed back to August.

This is not the only news about the Galaxy Note 9, it’s now certain that the phone will be launched without an in-display fingerprint sensor, which is now rumored to be present in next year’s Galaxy S10.

That’s not the only phone that seems to be delayed this year. If you have been following Apple’s news this year, you probably know that Apple is expected to be releasing three new phones this September, but now it seems that one of them has been delayed. The delayed phone is Apple’s upcoming mid-range iPhone. The new phone is said to feature a 6.1 inch LCD screen (bezel-less – notch design), no 3D touch, along with an aluminum and glass construction.

According to a blog post by Nashville Chatter, based on a report by The Bell, states that Apple’s mid-range iPhone model has been delayed, and might not be released until November. The report mentions:

“Japan Display (JDI) and LG Display that are said to provide [sic] LCD panels for the upcoming 2018 LCD iPhone are struggling to secure yields,”. “An analyst has claimed that manufacturers are encountering light leakage problem while applying notch design on the LCD iPhone. Hence, the mass production of the smartphone is behind its usual schedule.”

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