iPhone 8 – Why does it exist?

As we saw over the past week, the iPhone 8’s sales have been terrible due to the iPhone X, which most iOS fans are probably holding out for. In return, since Apple announced its new iPhones, we have been continuously hearing this question a lot, whether online or from friends, “Why did Apple make the iPhone 8?”. Well, it is really simple.

Most companies (not Apple) usually have a range of phones for consumers to choose from. This includes budget phones, mid-range phones, and expensive flagships. You can’t really call the iPhone 8 a budget phone (or a mid-range one), but when compared to the iPhone X, it can be an attractive alternative for iOS users. But pricing isn’t the only thing to look at (in my opinion), as probably, not everyone is ready yet to adopt this new design that has been chosen. Therefore, the iPhone 8 is here with a bump in specs and features over last years iPhone 7. Although why is it iPhone 8 and not 7s is beyond me…

I have to point out, those inclined to buy an iPhone 8 are actually buying a 3-year-old looking phone when compared to most of its competitors, and so iPhone X is always going to be the better option. Because of that, you’re probably better off buying the iPhone 7, and saving some money.

So, with all that said, what’s good about the iPhone 8? While the new portrait photo features might be fun (and good), I don’t believe they are the type of features users will be continuously using. Or perhaps it’s just me.

I can’t be excited about the wireless charging either, as we have had it for a long time now. Well, yes I am… as this probably means that we will see the feature being adopted everywhere now. In Lebanon, probably not, but here’s to hoping… But as a “new” feature in a new phone, no… not that exciting.

The only thing that truly impressed me over anything that this phone offers, or any other phone for that matter, is its A11 Bionic chip. The chip is super fast when compared with others in the market right now. Below you can find a photo taken from SuperSaf’s recent “iPhone 8 Plus vs. Note 8 speed test” video, which clearly shows the huge difference in benchmark numbers. But again, if you ask me, this speed difference doesn’t really matter. As long as you have a 2017 flagship phone, you’re probably not going to notice, or care for a 2 second faster loading phone. The only way such speed will really be noticeable is when you put these phones up against each other and run 5+ apps, one after the other. Otherwise, the video actually shows that in most cases the iPhone 8 Plus is faster by a couple of seconds only, which doesn’t really give the iPhone an edge over other flagships. Whether it does in the long run, remains debatable.

Source: SuperSaf TV speed test video

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