HTC U Ultra – What were they thinking?


Many of us are looking for that elegant and dependable smartphone, and HTC has been known to manufacture such phones. This year, HTC has launched a new smartphone lineup, the U series, which contains the U-Play (midrange) and U-Ultra (high-end flagship). The company has also decided to join the competition and adopt the metal and glass design. Their new 5.7-inch flagship looks as much as elegant, as it seems capable on the specs sheet, but is that the case?

The device runs Android’s latest Nougat update and is powered by last year’s snapdragon 821. That is expected since the new 835 will first be seen on the Galaxy S8. The snapdragon 821 is a capable chip that has proved its worth.

The phone comes with 4 GB of ram and has 64 GB storage capacity. One thing that haunts me when considering a smartphone or a tablet is its storage capacity. So you can imagine the relief that anyone like me might feel once they see that the phone comes with a 64 GB storage capacity, which is also expandable with the addition of a microSD card.

The device has a 12 MP rear camera with 1.8 aperture for low light shots, and 16 MP front camera for selfies.

There are a couple of obvious letdowns with the U Ultra that are discouraging me from actually seeking a review unit of the device. First is the phone’s battery capacity. With a phone this big (larger than most competitors) something larger than a 3000 mAh battery could have definitely been used.  Another disappointment is the disappearance of the headphone jack, this is something I am not in a hurry to see gone. The last nail in the coffin was the absence of a dust and water-resistant feature. I would think that a phone that costs more than $700 would come with some sort of a waterproofing feature. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

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