The G6 – LG’s 2017 Redemption

LG had high hopes for its G5 smartphone with its modular design for 2016, but unfortunately, that didn’t pan out. It was reported that LG mobile had a loss of $381 million due to the G5’s poor sales (CNET). Now the company is ready to take on competition with their newly announced flagship for 2017, the LG G6.

The new LG G6 dropped the modular design of its predecessor, which was an absolute failure. It’s apparent that LG has chosen to keep it safe this year, and simply followed a more familiar design. The new LG G6 is made up of metal and glass. Yes, a design used by many other competitors. The G6’s changes in the design include getting rid of the removable back while making the device water and dust resistant. About time, all new flagships being released in 2017 should be water and dust resistant. Another change in design that can be spotted instantly is the phone’s very thin bezels, which makes the phone seem taller than it actually is, giving the phone a really sexy look!

Like all other LG devices, the device comes with the power button built into the rear of the device, right under the cameras. The device also has a dual camera set up. Both cameras come with 13 megapixels, with one being a standard lens and the other a wide-angle lens. The reason behind the megapixel reduction (from 16 MP that was on the G5) was to lose the camera bump.

The LG G6 is the first flagship of 2017 that comes with Android Nougat and the new Google Assistant already installed. The Google Assistant was a Pixel (unfortunately phone isn’t available in Lebanon) exclusive feature, until recently when Google announced that it will start rolling it out to devices running Android 6.0 and higher.

Could this phone do to LG, what the S6 did to Samsung?

LG G6 Specification’s Sheet


Body Metal and Glass with a non-removable back
Water and Dust resistant IP68 – water resistant under 1 meter for 30 minutes


Size 5.7 Inch display with thin bezels
Resolution QHD with 18:9 aspect ratio
Type LCD


Front 5 Megapixels
Rear Dual cameras 13 Megapixels, 1.8 and 2.4 apertures


Capacity 3300 mAh


Storage 32 and 64 GB
SD Card Support Yes – up to 256 GB

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